In-person and Online Private Lessons and Classes

The Alexander Technique Can Help:

  • improve posturebalance and coordination.
  • improve voice quality, support and production.
  • public speakers communicate calmly, clearly and effectively without causing vocal strain and fatigue.
  • actors improve their range of expression and increase their freedom and control.
  • musicians (vocalists and instrumentalists) practice with ease and efficiency and perform with assurance and presence.

Throughout life, we develop habits of attention, posture and movement that limit our potential for action and expression.

The Alexander Technique is a method of somatic education for transforming our counterproductive habits into optimal functioning.


About Sami

I have been a teacher of the Alexander Technique for 32 years and am certified by The American Society for the Alexander Technique and The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique.

I strive to offer a learning environment that is comfortable for everyone, and to support each individual in realizing their potential.