If you are interested in organizing a class or workshop, please contact Sami to discuss your specific requirements.



Workshop: Upgrade Your Public Speaking Skills

This workshop is for anyone who wants to communicate and present more skillfully. Learn and practice strategies for handling nervousness, preventing vocal strain, communicating clearly and connecting effectively with your audience.

Workshop: Perform to your Potential

This workshop is for performing artists, including actors, singer, instrumentalists, stand-up comedians or storytellers. As you identify and eliminate restrictive habits you gain access to your full, free range of expression, becoming more present, responsive and authentic.

Rehearsal Support

For performing arts groups and events (ensembles, bands, orchestras, choruses, companies and troupes), rehearsal support includes an introduction to optimal conditions of the performing self, followed by individual work with performers throughout the rehearsal process to support these optimal conditions.

Workshop, Rehearsal Support and Group Session rates:

Workshop fees: $200 first hour, $120 each subsequent hour

Rehearsal support: $120/hour