What to Expect in Alexander Technique Lessons:


Through a series of lessons, you learn to identify and prevent counterproductive habits of attention and posture in order to restore your optimal coordination. Through spoken instruction and hand contact (during in-person lessons), you may be guided in everyday activities, such as walking, sitting, standing, bending, reaching, lifting, speaking and while lying in a constructive rest position. You can also apply the principles you learn to more complex and demanding activities of your choice, including professional tasks, public speaking, singing, playing an instrument, acting, exercise and athletics. Throughout this process, you learn to restore your inherent ease and enhance your skills.

Benefits of lessons may include:


  • Enhanced skill development.
  • More efficient and effective functioning in everything you do.
  • Greater freedom and comfort in breathing, moving and speaking.
  • Improvements in appearance, posture, balance and coordination.
  • Increased sense of calm.

Session and class rates:

alexander technique

First in-person individual session, 60 minutes: $120

In-person individual session, 50 minutes: $100

Online individual session, 45 minutes: $90

Online small group class, 50 minutes: $50/person

Gift certificates are available!